Our Story

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been fortunate enough to travel to various countries and immerse myself in learning and experiencing their cultures. My passion and fervor stemmed from here and has continued to grow every day. I have also adapted an entirely different enthusiasm for sweet delicacies. Combining these two have been the greatest joy of my life - one that I am extremely thrilled to share with the world.

My tastebuds have been blessed to relish the rich and divine of Swiss, Belgian and French chocolates. And my eagerness to experiment with many ingredients and create something as nearly as magical - was the beginning of Jaa.

I have realized that Indian flavors and spices have great potential to reach the standard of a 'luxury chocolate' whilst representing the splendor of our culture and elevating it to a global level.

Kavita Raheja
Founder – Jaa Chocolates